Dec. 29th, 2014

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I know, a TV show episode reaction in my livejournal? Who am I? But I typed some stuff as I was rewatching 2x08 on (trying to help boost viewing numbers) and I think this is really the best place to put it vs facebook or tumblr. I honestly don't know if anyone still reading this even watches The 100 or is caught up through the S2 MSF so, you know, feel free to skip, esp if you are Maggie and aren't caught up yet, because spoilers. Uh also if you like Finn you should probably skip. Giant effing spoilers for The 100 2x08 'Spacewalker' (ugh even typing that name makes me mad) )

Okay, all that said though, if you aren't watching The 100 YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THE 100 because on the whole it's a pretty killer post-apocalyptic funtime teen drama. If you like: 1) post-apocalyptic stuff, 2) kids-on-their-own, 3) team-as-family 4) characters being Team Mom and Dad, you might like this show. S1 is all on Netflix and it's only 13 eps. My recommendation is to watch through the first 4 eps, and by then you'll either know if it's for you or not. Don't stop after the first 2 because 3 and 4 are much better.
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Oh man I totally thought I was done with the 2013 recaps (aka the year before last) and then I remembered I hadn't done a Costume Year in Review!!! So here it is, the last of the 2013 recap posts (before I start the 2014 posts).

In 2012, here's what I said I'd make in 2013:

1. Rebel Pilot for me! Still nope. Maybe in 2015?
2. Sekrit SDCC Masquerade costumes (there will be many costumes, mostly alike, let's put it that way) YES! Our "Tatooine" Masquerade went swimmingly.
3. Scarlett's "shantytown" dress for a GWTW group at D*C. Yes, the trim is insane. Yes, I'm going to start early. Really. Group didn't happen.
4. Mayyyyybe Rapunzel? I keep almost doing it. Nope! Not yet!
5. Whatever else comes up! As always, so many things came up!

So here's the stuff I made/put together/bought/otherwise acquired in 2013!

1. Captain America running costume

IMG_4206 . 725226-1024-0028s

I made this for the 2013 WDW Marathon, since Ron had originally planned to be Tony Stark for that race. It's become one of my favorite running outfits!

Lots more under the cut! )


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