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Hello internet! Time for the write-up of this year's Princess Half Marathon weekend! Follow the cut for 60+ pictures, the running Avengers, and Indiana Jones being chased by a boulder with legs )

My fifth Princess Half Marathon weekend was a lot of fun! While I'm glad I did the inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge, I don't think I'll be doing it again. Racing two days in a row sucked, plus it took up a *lot* of time. We spent way less time in the parks than usual, which was a bummer. But we had a good time, met some great people, and laughed a lot, and that's always a great thing.

But I would like it if the weather gave us a break next year.
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(Cross-posted from my blog)

A few weeks back, my friends and I had a fabulous, silly, incredibly relaxing girls' weekend in the mountains of North Carolina. The main event was a tea party on Saturday, and of course we had to dress up in our very best historical finery. And by "our," I mean "Janine's," because we were all wearing her dresses! (The Regency dresses were made by [livejournal.com profile] elvishtard and the chemise dress was by Hollie, whose LJ name I don't know.) I'm working on my first Regency dress, but it's not finished yet. Hopefully by Costume College!

We hosted the tea party at the bed-and-breakfast where we were staying, the Andon-Reid Inn. This place is amazing, you guys. If you're ever looking to vacation in western North Carolina, this is absolutely the place to go. The rooms are gorgeous, the three-course breakfast is unbearably delicious, and the owners, Rachel and Ron, are warm and generous beyond compare. Rachel took care of all the food and preparation for our tea party, even going so far as to research the proper kinds of sandwiches to serve!

We spent the morning dolling ourselves up. Conley was wearing Janine's new 1780s chemise a la reine, while Janine had loaned me her white-on-white striped Regency gown. I don't have proper Regency underpinnings yet, but my Laughing Moon Silverado corset worked well enough to allow the dress to sit nicely. My hairpiece was originally bought for Padme's family gown-- it worked perfectly for my Regency hairstyle! J9 just curled my front hair and tied a ribbon around my head, and I was good to go!


More pictures of rampant silliness and tea parties under the cut! )
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(I posted this over on my blog, too, so if you follow me there, this will look familiar!)

The first three weekends of April were Star Wars Weekends at Legoland California, and the 501st and Rebel Legions were again invited to troop the events! Legoland is always great fun, so I was happy to get Leia-ed up and join my fellow Legion members. I ended up trooping both the opening and the closing days and had an awesome, if slightly exhausting, time at both. :) While I didn't take any pictures, Rachel and Lesley got some awesome shots!

It was really cold on opening day. Really cold.

We always start off the days at the park entrance, to take pictures with guests:


Tiny pilot is tiny!!!


Many more wacky pics under the cut! )


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