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Year in Reviews continue! I will finish them before 2014, I swears! This time: Costume Edition!

Here's what I said I'd make in 2012:

1. Rebel Pilots for Rogue & me Only Rogue's got made this year.
2. At least one and hopefully more historical dresses & underpinnings! I have fabric for 18c, Regency, and mid-1800s. Nope. Every year I say I will...
3. Superhero/princess mashup (maybe?) Group didn't happen.
4. Whatever we do for SDCC Masquerade Yep! Project Runway: All Star Wars!
5. Ravenclaw robe Nope.
6. Amber's USO Girl Amber has elected to defer this costume for the time being.
7. Possibly Pink Power Ranger for a D*C group? Group didn't happen.

So then, what *did* I make? Well...

1. "Indy Anna" Jones

Indy Anna SDCC edited copy SMF_0128

My brother has always been the junior Jones in our family (except for when our dad is Indy and Sean is Shia LeBoeuf)-- but this year he couldn't come to Comic-Con. So I filled in! This costume was a snap, because Dad and Sean both own multiple copies of all the Indy accessories, so they just lent me the smallest hat, belt, bag, etc. I had originally planned on making some Katharine Hepburn-esque pants, but ultimately decided on a skirt. So I made a half-circle skirt out of some tan wool, and bought a shirt and boots. I didn't get to do my hair in a fun 30s style because I had to change into this one in the parking garage after wearing Maleficent that morning. :P At Dragon*Con we finally got our whole Indy group together for the very first time, huzzah!

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And now, planned costumes for 2013:

1. Rebel Pilot for me!
2. Sekrit SDCC Masquerade costumes (there will be many costumes, mostly alike, let's put it that way)
3. Scarlett's "shantytown" dress for a GWTW group at D*C. Yes, the trim is insane. Yes, I'm going to start early. Really.
4. Mayyyyybe Rapunzel? I keep almost doing it.
5. Whatever else comes up!
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Last year, J9 asked me if I would make a shirt for Ron. She'd already made a skirt for herself out of some TARDIS and Dalek fabric that she had bought from Spoonflower, and she figured there was probably a shirt's worth of material left. There was-- just barely! I gave Ron the shirt when I saw him at Christmas, and all was well, by which I mean my mom was kind of horrified by it, but Ron loved it. They wore their matching outfits to StellarCon in North Carolina (ADORABLE!):


I looked at the pile of scraps I had left, and I thought, "I bet if I pieced these, I could make a skirt for their daughter. Then they would ALL match!" And then, because my mind seizes up when I try to design something original, I scoured the internet for pictures of colorblocked and patchwork skirts, and I drew sketch after sketch until I was finally satisfied it wouldn't look terrible. I really didn't have that much of the Who fabric left, so I picked up some coordinating solid cottons at Jo-Ann. And so-- skirt!

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