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Hello internet! Time for the write-up of this year's Princess Half Marathon weekend! Follow the cut for 60+ pictures, the running Avengers, and Indiana Jones being chased by a boulder with legs )

My fifth Princess Half Marathon weekend was a lot of fun! While I'm glad I did the inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge, I don't think I'll be doing it again. Racing two days in a row sucked, plus it took up a *lot* of time. We spent way less time in the parks than usual, which was a bummer. But we had a good time, met some great people, and laughed a lot, and that's always a great thing.

But I would like it if the weather gave us a break next year.
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Quick post to wrap up this weekend's race: my third San Diego Half Marathon. It was not my greatest race, but I definitely learned stuff!

And I took lots of pictures! Clicky to see, plus race report. )

So, big lesson from this race: DO NOT neglect pre-race nutrition and hydration. I was overconfident and too casual about my prep, and as a result, my body was completely wrecked for Sunday and Monday both. Despite that, I did mostly have fun, although I'm bummed that my foot really started hurting around mile 12 and is still pretty painful. :(

Race stats:
Chip time: 2:09:30
Pace: 9:53
Overall: 2669 out of 6031 (top 44%)
Age group: 217 out of 632 (top 34%)
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Look at me, writing a post about my weekend before the weekend is even over!

Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2014-- a Star Trek tea and a superhero race! )

Race Stats:
Chip time: 2:14:03
Pace: 10:14/mile
Overall: 1269/11490 (top 11%)
Age Group: 238/1997 (top 12%)


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