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Time once again for the posting of "what I knitted people for Christmas":

For my mama, the Adamas Shawl:


P1040803 . P1040800

I love, love, love the Adamas pattern, but I wanted to make a more substantial shawl for my mother– something she could wrap up in while reading a book on a chilly night. So I decided to use a worsted-weight yarn (Andean Silk from knitpicks in Cream, 8 skeins) and consulted the yarn info in the Leaf Lace Shawl pattern to figure out my needle size. I basically just kept knitting the repeats (Chart 2) until there wasn’t enough yarn for another full repeat, and then knit Chart 3, which I wasn’t able to finish completely either, but it was enough for a decent edging. I ended up with 11 repeats of Chart 2, instead of the full 14, but the shawl was plenty big enough anyway.

I would knit this again in a heartbeat– it was fun and knit up really fast, and the pattern was easy to memorize. I think next time I would go down a needle size, if I used the same yarn, to make the shawl slightly denser.

For my dad, a pair of Fuzzy Feet with extra-long legs:

P1040770 . P1040769

I made my whole family Fuzzy Feet for Christmas two years ago, and this year my dad requested a new pair that were “crew-sock-length, to take the chill off my ankles.” I adjusted the (unfelted) leg to 10”, instead of 3”, which turned out just right.

And that's it! Working on a new pair of fuzzy feet for me right now-- my Jayne slippers finally bit the dust, and it is freaking cold in our house. (I bought new flannel PJs today, yay!!! They are red with white snowflakes and mmmmmm cozy.)
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