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You know, if Lauren was someone else, I would *so* be behind Sark/Lauren. They have nice snappy dialogue and a decent sub-plot. But I just-- really don't like-- Lauren. She irritates me, and further, she can't pull off "bad girl." At all. She was doing that badass-strut thingie in Vancouver that I think was supposed to be sexy, but it just made me laugh because it was so put-on. Wah. I wish they'd made them brother and sister.

Cleavage!Barnett-- I'm scarred for life. *shudder*

Sloane is *so* playing Barnett. No freaking way did he ever sleep with Irina, unless Irina was playing him. Oh, you'd like to think Syd gets her strength from you? Did you conveniently forget about Irina "The Man" Derevko, the bad-assest woman alive? Uh-huh. Thought so.

Besides which, Sloane was distinctly lacking in suavity this episode. This further convinces me it's all an act for Barnett's benefit. He knows this is going to get back to Syd and Jack and cause a rift.

Stupid bulletproof vests.

I love paternal!Jack. Warm snuggly vibes, people. Not enough Jack this episode.

And waaaaaay too much rehashing. With all the retreads they did, this was really more like half an episode. I feel ripped off.

Mitchell Flinkman. Mitch Flinkman. Mitchell & Marshall. Hmm.

For all you SWME people-- Sark and Lauren are The Adventures of Raccoon Man and Panda Girl!

Syd plays a good nerdy fangirl. She should stop tugging at her skirt, though.
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