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Okay, if I had my way, Alias would be all Jack and Irina, all the time. Marshall, Weiss, Syd, and Sark could make guest appearances. And maybe Dixon. Seriously. Also I think Jack and Syd should quit the CIA and go hook up with Irina and Sark, respectively. That would make me so fricking happy.

There was fic about that. I remember. I should go find it. Was it the Cities series?

In all seriousness though, now that Sark and Irina are both free, they could conceivably start working together again. How awesome would it be to have an episode with BOTH DA and LO again? *wistful sigh*

As for the episode itself, eh, whatever. Irina was awesome. Jack and Irina were awesome. I wish Nadia had died instead of merely being wounded. And as for I'm-not-really-Michael-Vaughn-- whatever. Just another in the long series of contrivances designed to convince viewers that no, really, Vaughn's a badass! Try again, JJ. Or better yet, don't.

The rest of the world may think Charlie's an obnoxious, annoying prat, but I don't care. I love him. I love his flailing-running, and I love his stubborn protective streak, and I even love his complete inability to know when to just SHUT UP. And DAMN on the gunpowder thing. Let's see if Makeup remembers to keep the scar for next season. Even him taking the heroin stash made me happy. Know why? Because it's almost a guarantee of near-future happiness for Charlie (meaning some likely Charlie/Claire). It'd be a waste of dramatic potential for him to start using again right away and have everyone find out, so very likely there will be some good happy stuff for awhile, and then the heroin will interfere. (I've watched enough soaps, I know how this goes.) And then eventually he'll get his head on straight and they'll be happy again.

I so called Arzt blowing up. Poor, neurotic, inferiority-complex Arzt.

I did *not* call Walt being taken. I did have a general idea that the radar blip was going to be A Bad Thing. At least now we know that our four intrepid sailors won't be stuck on that raft for multiple episodes. Did very much like their interaction this episode, though.

I hate Jack. I really do. I understand where he's coming from sometimes, but damn, I still hate that self-righteous boy.

I had wondered before whether Locke saw Boone as a necessary sacrifice that the island wanted. (Boone dies = light goes on in the hatch.) I guess I've got my answer now.

Overall, for both? I don't think I'll have any trouble waiting for the premieres, but I'll enjoy the forthcoming fic in the meantime.
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