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-Sydney has two daddies! Jack/Sloane OTP, Irina who? And I don't even like slash! (Okay, I'm kidding about the Irina who? thing. SpyMommy is *always* first in my Alias heart.)

-Sloane to Barnett: "Get out now." Caitlin continues: "You won't like me when I'm angry." Sloane turns into the Hulk!

-How much did Syd and Vaughn looking for that wine bottle resemble an episode of Supermarket Sweep?

-Sark/Lauren: The (Evil) Blondes shall inherit the earth!

-"To your hair." Beautiful. Also, Quentin Tarantino really looks like Lorne from Angel. It's kind of freaky.

-Sark is just TEH SEX. OHMYGOSH. *faints*

-Lauren? Actually kind of scary when she tries to look all predatory-sexy.

Date: 2004-02-16 07:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] eliz.livejournal.com
You know we've apparently got ANOTHER three weeks to another episode?!!!? ARGH!!!

I didn't get to see it all - Mark did the lucky brat - I was on the phone with his mom! but I did see Quentin (YEAH!) and Sark being all cool (loved the hair references) and if Sark wasn't trying to mack all over Lauren, I'd swear they are lost twins/siblings/etc. Now wouldn't that be interesting. :)

Sloane as Sydney's dad? Um I just don't know. If it is true- Jack knows. He has to. As much as he's dealt with Sydney's DNA and all- hrm... food for thought at least.

I just crack up whenever they call Sydney "Mountaineer". She's from West Virginia, where mountaineers are sort of the state thing- plus it is the mascot for West Virginia University. I don't know if she went there (I don't think she did) but it's still amusing. FYI- I am NOT a fan of WVU as I went to Marshall. If anyone starts being called something like "thundering herd" I'd crack up. :)


Date: 2004-02-16 02:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lala412.livejournal.com
I'm thinking she went to school in Ohio. Or maybe it was Iowa. Hmmm. Ohio, more likely. Don't remember what school, just a vague memory of an article on her...

I've been hoping they wouldn't follow up on that whole Sloane being her dad thing since the first season. That's just icky. But, looks like they are. Sigh. Why couldn't they just make Sark Irina's kid and be done with the family weirdness??

What's up with Lauren?

Date: 2004-02-17 09:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gmtarkin.livejournal.com
Agreed on all points! I have a real frustration with the treatment of Lauren right now. I liked what they had done with the set up, and the idea of Lauren being someone that Sydney could respect and like was a good one. It made it believable that Vaughn could have fallen in love with her, and that Sydney would be torn up about it on several levels. Making her a double agent and evil seems like a cop-out. Now Sydney doesn't have to struggle with being "the other woman" -- right about the time it gets too hard, they'll reveal that Lauren is evil, evil, evil, and all will be well for our heroine. Until next season.

I wonder if they changed the character based on the intense fan dismay when she was introduced?

Re: What's up with Lauren?

Date: 2004-02-17 03:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] brightcupenny.livejournal.com
Total. freaking. cop-out. Honestly, I have no idea *what* they were thinking they were going to do with Lauren. Before the season premiere, JJ was going on about "Oh, give Lauren a chance, she's a great character, I know you're all going to love her"-- and then they went out of her way to make her this incredibly obnoxious character. I despise the Sydney/Vaughn pairing and *I* even didn't like Lauren much. And now she's evil, so Syd won't have to feel bad about her luuuurve for her "soulmate." Big whoop. I really can't take Lauren seriously as a villain; I was actually giggling through some of her "ooh, I'm an evil slut" scenes. I know Irina Derevko, and you, madam, are no Irina Derevko.

Not to mention the fact that Sark seemed to drop about 50 IQ points and lose most of his coolness factor around her. Yeah, there was chemistry, and yeah, David Anders looks good no matter what he does, but to be taken in by *Lauren*? Oh no way. No freaking way. I'm clinging to the hope that he's really just playing all of them.

No really. He is. He's behind it all. *nods vigorously*


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