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It's still early January, so this post is barely late at all!

Here's what I made in 2011!

Back at the start of the year, I made a list. How'd I do?

1. Something historical. 18c, Regency, 1860s-- I'm not sure which yet, but I've got fabric for all.
Nope. That got pushed till this year since I'm going to Costume-Con (and very possibly Costume College! YAY!).

2. I badly want to do a Community group at D*C. I think we could rock their Halloween costumes.
WE DID IT! Although we decided to do their paintball costumes instead. And Dan Harmon RTed our costumes on Twitter!

. IMG_7696

3. Whatever we end up doing for SDCC Masq.
No Masquerade this year, for the first time in 8 years! SHOCK! HORROR!

4. Fire Nation Suki, and finish Rogue's Piandao.

IMG_7029 . IMG_7050

5. Brittany S. Pierce as Britney Spears from her "Toxic" video.
Nope. Amber couldn't come to D*C so the Brittany/Britney group didn't happen. J9 still wore hers for a very brief but memorable period. :D

6. Sekrit costume for barbossas_wench's group.
No Jenn, so no group. :(

7. Actual Renaissance Hawkgirl! Not that aviendiora's dress wasn't amazing!
I didn't make a whole new dress as I'd planned (although Jen made me a corset and farthingale because SHE IS AWESOME). But Jen embroidered a new forepart for the old dress and made me a gold silk partlet and sleeves (again, AWESOME), and I painted some cheap angel wings with gray dye. So some definite improvements made this year!


8. Whatever costumes Rogue wants/needs.
Nope-- he made his own! I served in an advisory capacity, but he made his Genderbent Huntress all by himself, start to finish!

9. ETA: How did I forget this??? RAPUNZEL.
Not this year. Although everyone else and their mother did. This is still planned for someday!

10. Whatever comes up!
Quite a lot of things came up, as it turned out!

10a. Captain America USO Girl
One of those OMG MUST MAKE costumes. I leapt on board about a nanosecond after seeing the first promo shot that [livejournal.com profile] kay_dee70 posted.

kaydee2 . kaydee1

10b. Ravenclaw student
Teeechnially not finished, as the robe I'm wearing isn't mine, it's [livejournal.com profile] aviendiora's. I'm counting it anyway!


10c. Penny, The Big Bang Theory
I had this costume in 2010, but now I have a better wig and the screen-accurate skirt!

10d. Tiny Wonder Woman
A Halloween costume for [livejournal.com profile] eliz's little girl!

IMG_7794 . 434571338

10e. Tiny Link
A Halloween costume for Jon and Janet's little boy! (I gotta get some better pictures of this. There's so much more detail than is visible here!) Props to [livejournal.com profile] sirrogue for the assist on the shield!


10f. Tardis/Dalek Hawaiian shirt for Ron
J9 had leftover Spoonflower fabric from making a skirt and asked if I would make Ron a matching shirt. It only took me three months! :P


10g. Running Leias- Slave & Senatorial
I'm putting these together because they weren't terribly much work, although they weren't completely off the rack either!

IMG_1104 - Copy . IMG_6428 - Copy

So what's the plan for this year?

1. Rebel Pilots for Rogue & me
2. At least one and hopefully more historical dresses & underpinnings! I have fabric for 18c, Regency, and mid-1800s. I feel like I should make a 19-teens dress, too, even though I don't love the style, because a) everyone is doing it, and b) HELLO DOWNTOWN ABBEY OBSESSION.
3. Superhero/princess mashup (maybe?)
4. Whatever we do for SDCC Masquerade
5. Ravenclaw robe
6. Amber's USO Girl
7. Possibly Pink Power Ranger for a D*C group?
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